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Welcome To Global Unity Club


To join us in this EXCITING opportunity you agree to purchase our products from a member that the system generates for you. When you purchase ad packages you will get text ads and banner ads credits you can use to promote anything you would like to our members and visitors of the site . Then you become a member here and you have resell rights to our products. 

  We also have a discount prescription card for you and your family which might save you money.  We have access to a huge vitamin superstore that you get a $10.00 coupon when you get a new account.   Being a member here you will get a code that gives you 10% off each order you make to save you some more money on vitamins, organic food and  other items you may already be using.  See product tab above.


 Exciting system designed to create random placements to help all members.

AUTOMATIC SPOT FILLING IS IN PLACE! Everyone Helps everyone here!
Everyone watch this!



Call our 24/7 Playback

Access Code: 133683#
Ref No. 34#

  You can purchase ad packages for only $30.00.
Then get into the $40.00 Global Cash Line ASAP! 
Member owned!   Member operated!



$30 * 2 = $60

Upgrade $50

Keep $10


$50 * 2 = $100

Upgrade $80

Keep $20


$80 * 2 = $160

Upgrade $100

Keep $60


$100 * 2 = $200

Upgrade $150

Keep $50


$150 * 2 = $300

Keep $300


Enter back into Level 1 for $30 and Level 2 for $50


Because of the Smaller Dollar Amounts It Is Achievable to Continuously Receive $360 FAST Through Multiple Re-Entries!



  When you have sold your two ad paks,  you must repurchase so you can do it again

Here is how this works.
You get to sell our ad packages.    Level 1 is $30.00.You get 4000 banner and text ads to use for yourself.   When you sell 2 packages then you receive around $60.00, and then you log in and buy an ad package in Level 2 for $50.00 from the person the system gives you. Every time you get two ad package purchases you log in and purchase an ad package in the next level. You buy from one member and two buy from you.

[Level 2]: (2 Members Here)  $50.00 X 2 = $100.00. After you get around $100.00 Please Advance to Level 3 for $80.00. You will keep around $20.00 You can only have 1 open spot to sell ads on each level. 

[Level 3]: (2 Members Here) $80.00 X 2 = $160.00 After you get around $160.00 then advance to Level 4 for $100.00. You will keep around $60.00. AS SOON AS A SPOT CLOSES FOR YOU IN A LEVEL, BUY THE NEXT LEVEL ASAP!!

[Level 4]: (2 Members Here) $100.00 X 2 = $200.00. After you get around $200.00 then advance to Level 5 for $150.00. You will keep around $50.00 Here. 

[Level 5]: (2 Members Here)  $150.00 X 2 = $300.00.    Be sure to come back into Level 1 for $30.00  And come into Level 2 for $50.00. VERY MPORTANT THAT YOU  ENTER THOSE TWO LINES!  SO YOU CAN DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN. OVER AND OVER!   You agree to do this when you join us.  If you do not upgrade thru the levels you will stop earning!

This is the amount you get to keep on each level after you sell your ad packages.

Level 1  $10.00   When you purchase this level you get 3000 each Text and Banner Ad Credits.

Level 2  $20.00  When you purchase this level you get 5000 each Text and Banner Ad Credits

Level 3  $60.00  When you purchase this level you get 8,000 each Text and Banner Ad Credits

Level 4  $50.00  When you purchase this level you get 10,000 each Text and Banner Ad Credits

Level 5  $300.00 For a total of $440.00. If you do not already have a spot open in Level 1 for $30.00 or Level 2 for $50.00 please log into your back office and purchase them as soon as you go thru Level 5 with your earnings so you can do it all over again!  When you purchase this level you get 17,500 each Text and Banner Ad Credits to use for yourself!

We now have Residual Income with Global Unity Club!!   You must be a member here to participate in these two lines.  These two lines are forced Lines.  Ad purchases goes to the next member in the line. The system sells your ads for you. 

Global Cash Line for $40.00...  When your two ad packs sell here you get $40.00x2=$80.00.  Keep around 5.00 and log into your back office and purchase the Global Gash Line for $75.00.  You get 4000 each banner and text ad credits at time of purchase here.

Global Cash Line for $75.00...  When your two ad packs sell here you get $75.00x2=150.00.  At that time come right back into the Global Cash line for $40.00 so you can do this all over again.  Use this money for your family, but also get a open spot on each level of  our 5 steps we have for you. You get 7500 each banner and text ad credits here at time of purchase.

Here is suggestions for strategy.  If you can from the start get 2 Global Cash Lines spots for $40.00 each. And get at least one a week. You may get as many as you want. So those spots will earn back to back or quickly so you get to keep $110.00 twice close together.  Then we need you as soon as you can to come into Global Unity Club level 3 for 80.00  Level 4 For 100.00 or Level 5 for 150.00.  You can now get as many spots in each of these three levesl only as often as you want. 

Reasons To Join Our Program

Worldwide Opportunity

100% Net Commission

Paid Instantly And Directly

 Join today, share your link, earn today! 

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 App for Android Phones   http://www.globalunity.club/Globalunity.apk
 After you click the button to purchase your adpack from a member, the software gives you **ONLY 60 MINUTES** to send your payment. Make sure you are sending your payment right away!! No waiting!! If you do not make your purchase within the 60 minutes, you will be removed from the system by either the member or the admin, and will have to click the purchase position tab again. IF your time runs out and you need to click the purchase button again, you may be given a different member to purchase from.

You must be able to follow the instructions while logging into the pay processors -you have funds in-to join with that member. 
You will have several choices of ways to purchase with that member. Afterwards go back to your back office and put the ENTIRE copy of the receipt in the box provided in the details area.  Then click submit details box. 

The goal of Global Unity is to advance thru the levels and to have a open spot in each level going at all times.

To see what levels you are on you click on the matrix positions button in your back office.  System keeps record of everything for you!

**  Please share your link with others.  They will come to you the first time they are in each line.  Afterwards their entries will go random to people they shared their link with, or if they have not shared this with anyone that is ok, they will be placed randomly by the wonderful system we have here.  If you feel you can not share this with anyone that is ok.  We are one unified group! No one is alone here.
**If you will follow this step by step. You will in time have spots simultaneously in each level. Image result for pictures of  love join us
**The KEY to this working for you is to get 2 or more members to purchase with your link right away. They are with you and all your team members when they reenter. Reentries are randomly placed with your team for the good of all!!  We also have a list of members that need help!!  You can help them by being their sponsor and they will be with you thru the system!
** Do not wait to get your reentries.  When your spot sells all the ads it is allotted to sell, then we encourage you to purchase the next level so you can earn again. 
    Reentries help you, your team AND ALL HERE!
Everyone can earn here. Do you feel you can not share this? Do not let that hold you back! We are here for you, so please join our huge team build with this link. We will place you will someone to assist you in your journey here!